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Journal of Ancient Judaism

Journal of Ancient Judaism

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  • 1869-3296
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The Journal of Ancient Judaism (JAJ) addresses all issues of Jewish literature, culture,...mehr

The Journal of Ancient Judaism (JAJ) addresses all issues of Jewish literature, culture, religion, and history from the Babylonian exile until the Babylonian Talmud. As a cross disciplinary journal it is of interest for all those concerned with Biblical, Jewish, religious, cultural and historical studies. JAJ focuses on contributions which cover more wide ranging topics but are argued in detail nevertheless. It hence encourages the submission of extensive articles (up to 80 pages). JAJ will appear three times per year. Each issue of approx. 140 pages will comprise an article section of 120 pages and a review section of 20 pages. Each year, JAJ will include one theme issue which will be dedicated to issues and or text which are at the cutting edge of Jewish studies. The articles section aims to publish articles dedicated to questions and themes in each of the periods addressed by the journal. The review section aims at comprehensiveness and will review about 200 books each year. For each book a brief summary of a quarter to a third of printed page will be given, which highlights its most important achievements. The most important books (one or two per year) will be discussed in extensive review article of approx. 10 pages. As a peer reviewed journal submissions to JAJ will be reviewed anonymously by members of the journal’s advisory board. Submissions are accepted in English, German, and French although the majority of the published articles will be written in English.

If you feel you’d like to sub­mit a paper please follow this link.

The Journal of Ancient Judaism is edited by Maxine L. Grossman, Alex P. Jassen and Armin Lange.

Maxine L. Grossman is Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Maryland. Her teaching responsibilities include Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Second Temple Judaism; Judaism and gender; and introductory and upper level courses on religious studies, world religions, and methods and theories in the study of religion. Her most recent research addresses the Dead Sea Scrolls from the perspective of gender studies.

Alex P. Jassen is Assistant Professor of Early Judaism in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Minnesota. His teaching includes courses on Jewish history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Midrash, and Jewish mysticism. His research concentrates on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the formation of the Hebrew Bible and its interpretation, and the history of Jewish law. He is a member of the international editorial team responsible for publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Armin Lange is Professor of Second Temple Judaism and Director of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna. His classes cover the timespan from the beginnings of Israel and Judah until the Second Jewish war. In his research he specializes on Israel’s sapiential and prophetic literature, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the canonical and textual history of the Hebrew Bible. He is a member of the international team editing the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The journal is peer reviewed by an advisory board of internationally renowned scholars, among them Adele Berlin (University of Maryland), Moshe Bernstein (Yeshiva University), Katell Berthelot (Centre de recherche français de Jérusalem und CNRS), Beate Ego (Universität Bochum), Esther Eshel (Bar-Ilan-Universität), Hanan Eshel, z''l (Bar-Ilan-Universität), Heinz-Josef Fabry (Universität Bonn), Lester Grabbe (University of Hull), Ross S. Kraemer (Brown University), Robert A. Kraft (University of Pennsylvania), Chajim Lapin (University of Maryland), Bernard M. Levinson (University of Minnesota), Jodi Magness (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Carol L. Meyers (Duke University), Eric M. Meyers (Duke University), Hindy Najman (University of Toronto), Vered Noam (Tel Aviv University), Lawrence H. Schiffman (New York University), Günter Stemberger (Universität Wien), Kristin de Troyer (University of St Andrews), Azzan Yadin (Rutgers University).

Starting in June 2010, the journal’s scope was extended by the book series Journal of Ancient Judaism. Supplements.