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Einführung: Überwachungsgeschichte(n)

Einführung: Überwachungsgeschichte(n)

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ISBN: 4066338630469
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
The introduction to this issue on historical surveillance studies argues for an integrated... mehr
Einführung: Überwachungsgeschichte(n)
The introduction to this issue on historical surveillance studies argues for an integrated understanding of surveillance that focuses on the interconnectedness of the state, economy and sciences within the context of different forms of technological revolution. It suggests reading contemporary diagnoses of ‘total surveillance’ froma long-term historical perspective beginning in the seventeenth century. In this light, surveillance is not limited to intelligence history or state control. Rather, it produces patterns of order anddata that can be deployed for political processes like urban planning, welfare policy, crime prevention, or the persecution of political opponents. Furthermore, surveillance is also part of the economy, encompassing market and consumption research, advertising, andworkplacemonitoring.Research into the political and the economic aspects of surveillance should be combined. After defining the term ‘surveillance’ and differentiating between security and surveillance studies, the article provides an overview of different empiricalstudies inthis new historiographical field. It concludes with short summaries of the articles collected in this issue.