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Alle Jahre wieder …
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Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Every Year Again … The Festive Sermon under Pressure for Innovation, and its Understanding as... mehr
Alle Jahre wieder …
Every Year Again … The Festive Sermon under Pressure for Innovation, and its Understanding as Interruption and Mystagogy. The familiar critique of the conventionality of the sermon contrasts with the vision of its innovative potential regardingform and content. With the approach of the annual innovation pressure on preachers builds up. However, this rests on the problematic figure of thought that the content of the celebration is set out and only needs to be shared and communicated. However, the temporality of the festivity and the rupture in time should be kept in mind, the kairos which is expected and hoped for in the chronos, and inwhich lies the genuine innovation. In the context of the church service and its rites, the paradigm ofinterruption and that of mystagogy are at hand – for both of them the point is to expect the new in “old” words, images and stories of the Bible.
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Gender Studies – Queer Studies –...
  • Ingrid Bennewitz  (Hg.),
  • Jutta Eming  (Hg.),
  • Johannes Traulsen  (Hg.)
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Autor und Autorität
Autor und Autorität
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  • Antje Klein  (Hg.),
  • Annette Schellenberg  (Hg.)
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Kompetent evangelisch
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  • Klaus-Dietrich Schunck
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Lehrerrolle – Schülerrolle
  • Angela Ittel,
  • Diana Raufelder
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Deutschland in der Welt
  • Andreas Rödder  (Hg.),
  • Wolfgang Elz  (Hg.)
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