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Man in Metanoiacal Dialogue with God

Man in Metanoiacal Dialogue with God

The Biblical and Hesychastic Message of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

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ISBN: 978-3-525-57349-5
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Edition, 2022
This work is a theological analysis and interpretation of the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete.... mehr
Man in Metanoiacal Dialogue with God
This work is a theological analysis and interpretation of the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete. The hermeneutic method used in the monograph consists in a comprehensive examination of key Greek concepts and phrases occurring in the analysed hymn in various contexts in which they occur, and on this basis creating a theological-existential synthesis. This method is based on the search for the spiritual and existential meaning of the most important terms and thus refers to the essential assumptions of patristic allegorical exegesis. The hermeneutic analysis of the content of the Great Canon in conjunction with the contextual analysis of the vocabulary used in it was considered the most appropriate, since it is the work of St Andrew of Crete can be compared to a poetic carpet woven from phrases from the Old and New Testament, which are combined with existential confessions and spiritual indications, expressed in Eastern Orthodox hesychastic terms.
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