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The Concept of Inclusive Pluralism

Jacques Dupuis’s Theology of Religious Pluralism and its Implication for Interreligious Dialogue Today

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ISBN: 978-3-8471-1445-1
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When people of different cultures and religious traditions are being constantly drawn closer... mehr
The Concept of Inclusive Pluralism
When people of different cultures and religious traditions are being constantly drawn closer together, interreligious dialogue becomes not only a strategy to understand the “Others,” but also an attitude to deepen one’s faith. Christian faith acknowledges other religious traditions as genuine “ways” and “channels” of salvation for their adherents and that religions have a place in God’s universal plan of salvation for humankind. The plausibility of this assertion can be exemplified by the concept of “inclusive pluralism,” a theological model developed by the Belgian-born Jesuit theologian Jacques Dupuis. This book expounds that concept and reflects on its implication for the Catholic Church’s unwavering commitment to interreligious dialogue.
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    • Cirilo Boloron Jr.
    • Cirilo Boloron Jr. finished his studies in philosophy and theology in the Philippines and pursued a doctoral degree in theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty, University of Vienna, Austria. He is currently working for the Archdiocese of Vienna.
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