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The Protestant ethic in Hungary

The Puritan ethic and its influence

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While in the 16-17th centuries about the two thirds of the Hungarians belonged to the Reformed... mehr
The Protestant ethic in Hungary

While in the 16-17th centuries about the two thirds of the Hungarians belonged to the Reformed Church, the presence of the "spirit of capitalism" and the "protestant ethic" is rather questionable. The Calvinists did not played a different or decisive role in the capitalisation process of Hungary at the end of the 19th century. The historical analysis focuses on the puritan doctrines can be foun in the religiosity of Hungarian puritans and Reformed people in the 17th century. The "Hungarian Protestant ethic" differs from Weber's ideal-type in two respects: the Hungarian version is more pietistic, less activist; and it seems to have less practical influence in everyday life because of the weak religiosity. The Hungarian case does not refute Weber's thesis, but it call the attention to two important parts of historical analysis: the reinterpreting, selecting procedure in social context; and the intensity of religiosity.

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    • Attila K. Molnár
    • Attila K. Molnar is a research professor of the National University of Public Service, and the head of the Thomas Molnar Institute for Advanced Studies of this university.
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