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Philip Melanchthon

Theologian in Classroom, Confession, and Controversy

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ISBN: 978-3-525-55047-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
These twelve essays by international scholars investigate Melanchthon’s theological activities as... mehr
Philip Melanchthon
These twelve essays by international scholars investigate Melanchthon’s theological activities as teacher, confessor of the faith, and defender of his doctrine and ecclesiastical policies as they developed within the context of his service of society and church. In the past quarter century Melanchthon researchers have scrutinized older, mostly negative, interpretations of the Preceptor Germaniae. The editors present in this volume precisely focused appraisals of »Master Philip« in his role as theologian at the university and in the service of his own prince and others. By carefully placing his use of Aristotle, his understanding of the nature of training for pastoral ministry, his biblical exegesis in context, by analyzing four of his attempts to formulate Wittenberg teaching in public confession, by assessing how his own writings took on normative character for the church, and by tracing his thinking on the free will and the Lord’s Supper in the midst of controversy, these authors offer carefully etched portraits of Melanchthon as Preceptor ecclesiae. This volume contributes to the expansion of our understanding of Melanchthon as key figure in the Wittenberg Reformation and the currents of controversy that have long surrounded the interpretation of his contributions.
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    • Irene Dingel
    • Prof. Dr. phil. theol. habil. Irene Dingel ist Direktorin des Leibniz-Instituts für Europäische Geschichte, Abteilung für Abendländische Religionsgeschichte, Mainz.
    • Robert Kolb
    • Robert Kolb ist Professor em. für Systematische Theologie am Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, USA.
    • Nicole Kuropka
    • Nicole Kuropka ist Gastdozentin an der Kirchlichen Hochschule in Wuppertal/Bethel und Berufsschulpfarrerin in Düsseldorf.
    • Timothy J. Wengert
    • Timothy J. Wengert ist Professor für Kirchengeschichte am Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, USA.
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