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Paulus und der Koran

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ISBN: 978-3-525-51007-0
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2010
Paul and the Koran – there can hardly be a greater theological friction in all of the literature... mehr
Paulus und der Koran
Paul and the Koran – there can hardly be a greater theological friction in all of the literature of the Abrahamic religions. And yet the two do have a similar goal: The respective previous religion served as a reference for proclaiming a new religion as the only true religion.Bertram Schmitz regards both levels: He points out Paul’s position based on his letters and the Book of Hebrews, discussing the interesting and dynamic parallels in the Koran. Yet he also makes clear how their structural arguments resemble each other when both Paul and the Koran stress the uniqueness, the clear superiority, and the universality of their respective message vis-à-vis other religions – all while basing their new religions squarely on the foundation of the previous ones.Schmitz gives a clear and for all comprehensible introduction to the themes of Paul’s letters and the corresponding parts of the Koran. This volume is oriented closely to the original texts and their inner workings.Whereas Paul posits an understanding of Jesus as Christ, through whom God’s salvation is obtained, to lie at the centre of all belief, the Koran decidedly rejects this notion. It is important to look at these positions from the outside and from a neutral vantage point while maintaining the tension that lies between the two. What is needed is respect for both positions rather than the desire to harmonize or repudiate the differences. The volume ends with a summary, a thematic characterization, and a juxtaposition of Paul’s letters on the one hand and Mohammed and the Koran on the other.
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