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LXX Song of Songs and Descriptive Translation Studies

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ISBN: 978-3-525-57071-5
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Edition
Dries De Crom intends to stimulate the cross-fertilization of Septuagint Studies and Translation... mehr
LXX Song of Songs and Descriptive Translation Studies

Dries De Crom intends to stimulate the cross-fertilization of Septuagint Studies and Translation Studies, particularly the theoretical framework of Descriptive Translation Studies (DTS). It engages with concepts and theories from DTS in order to demonstrate their applicability to the study of the Septuagint. The aim is not to replace the established methods of Septuagint Studies, but rather to show that they are fully compatible with descriptive approaches to translation.

The greater part of the volume is dedicated to a meticulous verse-by-verse comparison between the LXX and MT texts of Song of Songs. As there is at present no full critical edition of the Greek texts of Song of Songs, due attention is given to the most important witnesses to the pre-Hexaplaric text. The textual study engages with matters of translation technique, textual criticism, linguistic interference and the interpretation of LXX Song of Songs.

On the basis of this textual analysis, the volume explores the question of Kaige-Theodotion and LXX Song of Song’s relation to it, as well as the peculiar textual-linguistic profile of LXX Songs of Songs, against the background of translational norms, interference, interlanguage and literary code.

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    • Dries De Crom
    • Dries De Crom is Lecturer of Classical Languages at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (Tilburg University).
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