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Japanese and Polish Managers

Economy, Management and Education


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ISBN: 978-3-7370-1540-0
V&R unipress, 1. Edition, 2023
This publication is devoted to management in modern economies and the place and role of managers... mehr
Japanese and Polish Managers
This publication is devoted to management in modern economies and the place and role of managers in contemporary societies. The contributors show the complex problems of managing organizations from the perspective of two countries: Japan and Poland. The comparison brings fascinating conclusions about the essence of management and economic, social and cultural capitals present in these seemingly distant two worlds. However, a more detailed analysis also shows similarities in the functioning of managers, modern leadership, the social role of a manager, and the capitalist economy and post-capitalist society of Japan and Poland. The editors of this book have been cooperating for several years; they are trying to combine economic and sociological perspectives in research on contemporary capitalist economies and modern post-capitalist societies.
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    • Sławomir Banaszak (Hg.)
    • Prof Sławomir Banaszak, sociologist, works at the Faculty of Educational Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. He specialises in economic sociology, organization and management, sociology of education and methodology of social research.
    • Kazunobu Oyama (Hg.)
    • Prof Kazunobu Oyama, economist, works at the Faculty of Economics at Kanagawa University, Japan. He specialises in management, technological innovation, and research and development.
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