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Human v. Religious Rights?

German and U.S. Exchanges and their Global Implications

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Although the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States share many legal, social, and... mehr
Human v. Religious Rights?

Although the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States share many legal, social, and political values, they also represent different traditions in terms of how each understands the idea of universal human rights. The contributors to this volume represent legal-constitutional, historical, bio-ethical, philosophical, and social science reflections on what the two nation states share, and what distinguishes their understanding of universal human rights. The rise of neo-populist and authoritarian nationalist impulses in Europe and the Americas, the differing responses of the two liberal democratic republics provide an insight into how each nation state still affirms a long-standing commitment to universal human rights. No other work in German or English currently provides a comparison between the two countries and across many disciplines.

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