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The Bulgarian Political Culture

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ISBN: 978-3-89971-356-5
V&R Unipress, 1. Auflage 2007
This study, in the framework of G.Almond and S.Verba, is the first systematic attempt to tackle... mehr
The Bulgarian Political Culture
This study, in the framework of G.Almond and S.Verba, is the first systematic attempt to tackle the political behavior of the Bulgarian nation in comparative Western European outlook. It traces specific features of the emerging civic culture and a shaping new identity of a nation, proud with its 1300 years of history and unique culture. The trends in changing attitudes to democratic institutions – parliament, presidency, parties, army, police, church, family, ethnicities, etc., offer solid grounds for further comparative research. As claimed, the transition to market economy and democracy in Bulgaria is irreversible, whereby a »new-old« comer in the European family, has still to overcome the devastating sequences of totalitarian stagnation. Realistic prospects are drawn in this respect, in so far a political culture of a participant type flourishes in Bulgaria. This book is part of a wider complex study.
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    • Plamen K. Georgiev
    • Prof. Plamen K. Georgiev graduated sociology at the Humboldt University, Berlin. He is guest lecturer of the University of Heidelberg, fellow of DAAD, and Member of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists.