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Wo glaubst du hin?

Kreatives Schreiben im Religionsunterricht

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Sprache: Deutsch
126 Seiten, mit 18 Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-525-77004-7
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2011
Religion and with it religious education are concerned with the basic questions of life and with... mehr
Wo glaubst du hin?
Religion and with it religious education are concerned with the basic questions of life and with offering answers. As a rule this occurs as part of the teaching and through text analysis. This volume offers a new and further path to this goal: creative writing. This productive and challenging method of teaching known to all text-oriented subjects can be employed with great profit in the field of religion as well.Questions and positions can be formulated differently when embedded in stories, poems or plays (and need not be justified on an objective level). Different behaviours can be “virtually” tested. Literary texts do not have to be objective, indeed they can be very emotional, without forcing the author to express clear opinions. They open the door to thoughts that are not amenable to rational or analytic approaches.This volume is well steeped in religious didactics and oriented toward the new competence-oriented guidelines for school curricula; creative work methods are employed and allow unanswered questions to be integrated into classwork. Many different methods of creative writing are presented with examples. Also, many suggestions are made on how best to deal with the writings of pupils during class, particularly how to counsel and grade them including specific criteria, and outside of class, for example, in presentations. It is rounded off by many pictures and texts to stimulate one´s own creative impulses. Concrete suggestions for exercises help to organise classes. The photos used as well as the catalogues of grading criteria may also be downloaded.
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    • Mirjam Zimmermann
    • Prof. Dr. Mirjam Zimmermann lehrt Religionspädagogik an der Universität Siegen. Sie hat ev. Religion an verschiedenen Gymnasien in Nordrhein-Westfalen unterrichtet und war Fachleiterin für Pädagogik am Studienseminar in Bad Kreuznach.
Sprachsensibler Religionsunterricht
Sprachsensibler Religionsunterricht
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  • Bernhard Grümme  (Hg.),
  • Helga Kohler-Spiegel  (Hg.),
  • Elisabeth Naurath  (Hg.),
  • Bernd Schröder  (Hg.),
  • Friedrich Schweitzer  (Hg.)
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