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Die emotionalen Grundlagen des Denkens

Entwurf einer fraktalen Affektlogik

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Sprache: Deutsch
376 Seiten, mit 6 Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-525-01437-0
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 4., unveränderte Auflage 2016
Human thought, both individual and collective, is continually being reorganised and influenced by... mehr
Die emotionalen Grundlagen des Denkens
Human thought, both individual and collective, is continually being reorganised and influenced by the complex interactions of emotions and cognitions. In order to understand these self-creating processes it is no longer sufficient to simply look for the causes. Likewise cybernetic models, which can describe and simulate interactions, do not have the ability of self-conception and they can lead only to repetitive self-reproduction – to fractal aesthetics.New, and for the first time in the history of thinking about human thought, is that philosophy, psychology (as the science of human experience), and the newest results from neurobiology do not line up beside each other or point out each other´s faults. In this radically new way of looking at things, they not only complement each other, but are rather intertwined: they confirm each other. The perception of fractal self-organisation dissolves all contradictions. Chaos – once it has been perceived as chaos – reveals itself to be the new and pioneering combination of emotion and cognition.In this volume Luc Ciompi combines what has heretofore been intractably scattered about in outdated images. Our fear of chaos has forced us to see human thought as something from the material world that either rules us or is highly dependent. Ciompi advances us further to the new age: If we can accept chaos as an elementary fact in our world of emotion, thought and behaviour, we can finally understand its logic – the logic of higher order. This is a creative insight: Self-inventive and sensual humans live within their feelings and thoughts, and it is only with passion and creativity that we can learn to understand ourselves.
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