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Sprache: Deutsch
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ISBN: 978-3-89971-318-3
V&R unipress, 1. Auflage 2007
The book “Psychosomatics” deals with the influence of psychiatric strain (stress, conflict,... mehr
The book “Psychosomatics” deals with the influence of psychiatric strain (stress, conflict, traumata) on bodily disorders. The different opinions on the effects of such influences are very diverse. Some ground their views on scientific opinions which seem rather speculative, irrational and esoteric. Aim of this book is to provide a scientific profound term of how the psyche can effect the body. The author tries to explain psychological processes that begin with bodily problems triggered by psychiatric strain and lead to dysfunctions. Such problems are hardly known, not even to people with psychosomatic disorders. The author’s target is to make a comprehensive description of such developments. Only this way a rational understanding of the development of such disorders is possible and can supplement scientific facts. Methods of psychological intervention in cases of psychosomatic disorders are only dealt with peripherally.
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    • Manfred Velden
    • Prof. Dr. Manfred Velden studierte Psychologie an den Universitäten Bonn und Berkley (University of California). Als Professor an den Universitäten Mainz, Berlin (TU) und Osnabrück vertrat er die Fächer Wahrnehmungspsychologie, Biologische Psychologie und Psychosomatik.