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Darwin’s Shadow

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ISBN: 978-3-89971-778-5
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“Evolutionary Psychology”, an offspring of Sociobiology, claims to explain human mental... mehr
Darwin’s Shadow
“Evolutionary Psychology”, an offspring of Sociobiology, claims to explain human mental (psychological) functions on the basis of evolution theory. Researchers in the field try to monopolize Darwin for their purpose by calling themselves “Darwinists” or by putting his portrait on the cover of their books. It is shown that Darwin, who actually tried to explain some human behavior, like altruistic behavior, in the context of evolution theory, found the “intellectual and moral faculties” to be predominantly shaped by sociocultural, not biological factors, however. It is also shown that the tendency to reduce mental functions to biological ones, biologism, affects many fields of inquiry to their detriment, such as education, criminology, psychiatry, or philology. Biologism’s dehumanizing effect on our view of the human condition is the dominant topic of the book.
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    • Manfred Velden
    • Prof. Dr. Manfred Velden studierte Psychologie an den Universitäten Bonn und Berkley (University of California). Als Professor an den Universitäten Mainz, Berlin (TU) und Osnabrück vertrat er die Fächer Wahrnehmungspsychologie, Biologische Psychologie und Psychosomatik.