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The authors present the issue of problematic alcohol drinking in the population of university... mehr
Polish Students and Alcohol
The authors present the issue of problematic alcohol drinking in the population of university students in the Polish context based on large scale (N=4503) survey research. The study starts with the description of methodology utilized in the study that was the basis of the publication (sampling, research questions and tools, methodology of data gathering) as well as the description of early adulthood developmental period and then moves to the background description of the social situation of Polish students. The results of the study are presented and interpreted with subsequent order: scale of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems; healthbehaviours and health-status; stress and depressive disorders; selfesteem; online activity; social engagement; and identity problem solving.
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    • Jacek Pyżalski
    • Dr Jacek Pyżalski is a professor at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. He is a coordinator and researcher in 40 international and national research projects on traditional and online risk behaviour and mental health of adolescents and adults.
    • Natalia Walter
    • Natalia Walter is a graduate of media pedagogy. She is Chair of the Department of Media Education at the Faculty of Educational Studies at AMU, and specialist in digital education and e-learning.
    • Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska
    • Prof Dr Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska is Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies, AMU, and Chairperson of the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her research and development interests focus on social and pedagogical problems of youth.
    • Ewa Karmolińska-Jagodzik
    • Prof Dr Ewa Karmolińska-Jagodzik is a lecturer, a psychologist, psychotherapist in systemic therapy, a TRE® provider, and author of scientific publications and training programs.
    • Mateusz Marciniak
    • Dr Mateusz Marciniak is assistant professor at AMU, and psychologist at the Support Center for People with Mental Disorders in Kościan, Poland.
    • Sylwia Jaskulska
    • Prof Dr Sylwia Jaskulska is Head of the Council for the Quality of Teaching of the AMU School of Social Sciences, Poland.