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Carl Zeiss

A biography 1816–1888

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Be it eyeglasses or telescopes, camera or movie lenses, microscopes or microsurgical... mehr
Carl Zeiss

Be it eyeglasses or telescopes, camera or movie lenses, microscopes or microsurgical instruments, the ZEISS brand stands for technology that pushes the limits of what is possible. Relatively little is known about the company’s founder Carl Zeiss (1816 – 1888). Who was the man who set about revolutionizing optical device construction from his workshop in the small town of Jena ? Was the company established on solid entrepreneurial foundations, or was Carl Zeiss surprised, and ultimately overwhelmed, by his own success? The historian Stephan Paetrow and the Head of the ZEISS Archives, Wolfgang Wimmer, have embarked on a journey to discover the life and work of a man who was a husband, a technician and an entrepreneur: this is the story of Carl Zeiss. This biography also takes a look at how topical the Zeiss legacy is by talking to a family member, company representatives and an extraordinary scientist of the modern era.

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    • Stephan Paetrow
    • Stephan Paetrow ist Historiker und Mitinhaber der Agentur »timefab – zeitgemäße historische Kommunikation« mit Sitz in Leipzig und Berlin.