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Romantik 2023 Jg. 12


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    • Gísli Magnússon (Hg.)
    • Dr Gísli Magnússon is Professor of Danish Literature at the University of Iceland. His research encompasses authors such as Rainer Maria Rilke, Pascal Mercier, Peter Høeg & Karl-Ove Knausgård – often focusing on esotericism and spirituality in a literary context.
    • Benedikt Hjartarson (Hg.)
    • Dr Benedikt Hjartarson is Professor of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Iceland. He is the author of a number of articles on the European avant-garde and aesthetic modernity.
    • Kim Simonsen (Hg.)
    • Dr Kim Simonsen is a Senior Research Associate in European Letters at the Department of History and European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He works with cultural history and theory, 19th Century European travelers and the Anthropocene, romantic nationalism and the history of philology,19th Century canon formation.
    • Thor J. Mednick (Hg.)
    • Dr Thor J. Mednick is an Associate Professor of Art History and Head of Art Museum Practices at the University of Toledo, USA. He specializes in the art of nineteenth-century Scandinavia.
    • Marie-Louise Svane (Hg.)
    • Marie-Louise Svane is Associate Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University.
    • Marja Lahelma (Hg.)
    • Dr Marja Lahelma is an art historian specializing in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Nordic art. She holds a Title of Docent in Art History at the University of Helsinki. She has published widely on subjects relating to the intersections of art, science, and esotericism, and on the ideological and political dimensions of art history.
    • Sine Krogh (Hg.)
    • Sine Krogh, MA in Art History (2008), from 2018, PhD-student at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University. Publcations on nation building on Denmark and Scandinavia.