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Archaeologies of Visual Culture

Gazes, Optical Devices and Images from 17th to 20th Century Literature

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Sprache: Englisch
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ISBN: 978-3-8471-0220-5
V&R unipress, 1. Auflage 2016
This book analyzes different historical and cultural staging of gazes, otpical devices and images... mehr
Archaeologies of Visual Culture
This book analyzes different historical and cultural staging of gazes, otpical devices and images in the context of a discipline that goes by the name of visual culture. Here literary studies have contaminated and thus expanded their original field of investigation not only addressing, as in the past, the question of the relationship between verbal and visual, but also giving substance to this interweaving with an in-depth questioning about the meaning gazes, images and vision devices or, more generally, the visual media can have on literature. This research tries to define the ways in which changing cultures have addressed these questions; in particular in which ways English early modern culture, German nineteenth century fantastic, and French twentieth century natural ékphrasis have done it.
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    • Valeria Cammarata
    • Prof Dr Valeria Cammarata teaches Comparative Literature, Visual Culture and Cultural Studies at the University of Palermo.
    • Michele Cometa
    • Prof Dr Michele Cometa teaches Comparative Literature and Visual Culture at the University of Palermo. His research focuses on German cultural history and aesthetics, literary theory, and visual culture.
    • Roberta Coglitore
    • Prof Dr Roberta Coglitore teaches Theory of Literature at the University of Palermo. Her research fields are the relationship between literature and visual culture and between literature and mineral world; fantastic literature, studies on the imaginary.
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