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Beyond the Sea

Reviewing the manifold dimensions of water as barrier and bridge

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ISBN: 978-3-412-22293-2
Böhlau Verlag Köln, 1. Auflage, 2014
The dominant narratives about the seas and maritime regions in European societies have usually... mehr
Beyond the Sea

The dominant narratives about the seas and maritime regions in European societies have usually placed them at the periphery, distant from the social and political centres, and often perceived as empty spaces akin to deserts: they could be crossed but not used. Therefore, most categories to examine societies have been designed from a land-oriented perspective and with the focus on land-based societies. Changing this perspective and putting the sea – the periphery – in the centre challenges traditional narratives, leading to new, enriching interpretations. Following this path, this volume re-envisions water beyond its immanent physical character – as a space ascribed with various roles and functions, both bridging and dividing: a borderland of communication, a space to govern and to invest with symbolic meaning

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    • Marta Grzechnik (Hg.)
    • Marta Grzechnik is assistant professor at the Institute of Scandinavian Studies and Applied Linguistics at the University of Gdañsk (Poland) as well as post-doctoral researcher in the International Graduate School »Baltic Borderlands: Shifting Boundaries of Mind and Culture in the Borderlands of the Baltic Sea Region” at the Historical Institute of the University of Greifswald (Germany).
    • Heta Hurskainen (Hg.)
    • Heta Hurskainen is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and also works as a pastor in a local parish.