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Victors and Vanquished in the Euro-Mediterranean

Dealing with Victory and Defeat in the Middle Ages


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ISBN: 978-3-7370-1477-9
V&R unipress, Mainz University Press, 1. Edition 2024
The volume presents a comparative perspective on victors and vanquished according to the... mehr
Victors and Vanquished in the Euro-Mediterranean

The volume presents a comparative perspective on victors and vanquished according to the categories of remembering victory and defeat, practices of celebrating victory and triumphs as well as the culture of dealing with the vanquished. Specifically, the representation of victory and defeat in Byzantine literature of the 10th–12th centuries is contrasted with commemorative practices in early Russia, and the reflection of military events in courtly music of the 15th century is examined. In addition, the practices of celebrating victories in England in the High and Late Middle Ages are explored, as is the treatment of the defeated and the subjugated in the Frankish Empire of the 9th century, in Norman southern Italy and in Byzantium.

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    • Johannes Pahlitzsch (Hg.)
    • Prof. Dr. Johannes Pahlitzsch lehrt Byzantinistik an der Universität Mainz mit den Forschungsschwerpunkten Byzanz und die Islamische Welt, Christen im Orient sowie Kreuzzüge.
    • Jörg Rogge (Hg.)
    • Jörg Rogge is a Medievalist and Cultural Historian at the University of Mainz. His research interests include the social and cultural conditions of the socialisation of fighters and warriors in medieval Europe from a comparative perspective.
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