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Sieben Wochen ohne, sieben Wochen mit

Texte und Gestaltungen für die Zeit um Ostern

Mit einer Einleitung von:
  • Gerhard Ulrich
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Sprache: Deutsch
128 Seiten, mit 15 Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-647-58025-8
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2012
The Passiontide and Easter – is there a difference? With this new book by Kurt Riecke... mehr
Sieben Wochen ohne, sieben Wochen mit
The Passiontide and Easter – is there a difference? With this new book by Kurt Riecke congregations can learn, as the saying goes, to travel through joy and sorrow. They learn what it means to encourage and strengthen in the dark, to rejoice and liberate in the light.In seven weeks one proceeds toward Easter, toward Good Friday with all its darkness and sorrow; and seven weeks one proceeds from Easter, away and into newborn life. Until we are finally blessed with renewal: the spirit of Pentecost.For this journey of two times seven weeks, the author provides spiritual nourishment for the trip: a verse from the Bible for each week to meditate upon, impulses to deepen one´s faith, a prayer and a blessing. As in his volume for the time preceding Christmas “24 Times Advent”, the author directs his words concerning Easter to both church groups and congregations as well as to individuals who consciously want to adhere to the Ecclesiastical year.
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    • Kurt Riecke
    • Kurt Riecke ist Propst im Kirchenkreis Altholstein und Autor erfolgreicher Titel zu Spiritualität und Gemeindepraxis.