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Die Bibel spricht

Worte des Lebens zum Lesen und Hören

Mit einer Einleitung von:
  • Fulbert Steffensky
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Sprache: Deutsch
576 Seiten, mit ca.100 Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-647-58027-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2011
„Martina Steinkühler lets the Bible dance,“ writes Fulbert Steffensky in his Introduction: a... mehr
Die Bibel spricht
„Martina Steinkühler lets the Bible dance,“ writes Fulbert Steffensky in his Introduction: a personal and gripping retelling of the most important texts of the Old and New Testament, addressing modern life and beliefs.This volume tells its stories– in short episodes that are embedded in the overall context– in a language that is neither old nor new, but is above all readable and especially readable out loud – memorable and rememberable– of God who loves life and not death and whose name says: I am what I am, and I am there for every one of you – of human beings, of women and men, with all their strengths and weaknesses, fears and dreams; of God who is near and far, infinitely large and infinitely good – of life as it is and as it should be, of God´s kingdom that shall come if only we believe– not in the sense of „This you must believe …,“ but as an invitation, a call to everyone.Uses:– Proclamation and catechism: texts that can be read aloud and enjoyed by all; for group teaching; as a basis for text exegesis– Bible studies: with a reading list for the entire year; with an „Introductory Bible Course”; with recommendations for adapting individual texts for special occasions and themes.Contains the classic texts “Elias,“ „The Flood,“, „Maria and Martha,“ „Like Fire and Wind“ and „Like Bread and Wine.“
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    • Martina Steinkühler
    • Dr. Martina Steinkühler ist Professorin für Gemeindepädagogik an der ev. Hochschule Berlin und Autorin religionspädagogischer Literatur, u.a. einer Erzählbibel und einer Bibeldidaktik.
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