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So spricht Gott?

Theologisieren mit Grundschulkindern

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ISBN: 978-3-525-77651-3
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2012
Using Elijah to talk about God (1st and 2nd grade); discussing justness based on Micah and Isaiah... mehr
So spricht Gott?
Using Elijah to talk about God (1st and 2nd grade); discussing justness based on Micah and Isaiah (3rd and 4th grade); learning with Jonah how patient and merciful God is (3rd and 4th grade): for all these exercises this volume provides the necessary instructions and materials.Three teaching models are employed here: recounting to children the biographies of the prophets who discuss God and the presence of good and evil – this covers the most important areas of biographical narration and learning. Narrative ethics means confronting and discussing such questions with children – this fulfills the goal of theologising with children. Asking children about God’s will in the modern world and conceiving of images of a just world – this ensures an exchange of ideas beyond the classroom situation.Each of these three modules contains the following:– An introduction to the Biblical background and comments on didactic methods– An overview of the learning possibilities– Suggestions for telling and discussing the story– Guidelines for discussion– Suggestions for setting up tasks– Worksheets
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    • Martina Steinkühler
    • Dr. Martina Steinkühler ist Professorin für Gemeindepädagogik an der ev. Hochschule Berlin und Autorin religionspädagogischer Literatur, u.a. einer Erzählbibel und einer Bibeldidaktik.