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Strabons Geographika Band 5

Abgekürzt zitierte Literatur, Buch I–IV: Kommentar

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  • Stefan Radt
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ISBN: 978-3-525-25954-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2006
The Geography by Strabon is the only extant work of its kind from antiquity. It is an important... mehr
Strabons Geographika Band 5
The Geography by Strabon is the only extant work of its kind from antiquity. It is an important piece of literature not only when studying the Greek-Roman world, but also for anyone concerned with the history of geography in general. The wealth of information it offers serves as a rich repository for ancient historians and archeologists as well as for cultural and literary historians. To date, however, no text was available that corresponded to the needs of modern scientific investigation. The 10-volume edition of Stefan Radt is based on a completely new collation of the main manuscripts and reflects as well all known secondary literature on Strabon. The Greek text is complemented by a critical apparatus and one of testimonial evidence. Volumes 1-4 comprise the German translation, volumes 5-8 the respective commentaries. Volume 9 contains the text of the Medieval excerpts of Strabon. The last volume contains the index.
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