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Die Memphitische Theologie und die Siegesstele des Pije – zwei Zeugen kultureller Repräsentation in der 25. Dynastie

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Sprache: Deutsch
XII, 532 Seiten, mit 28 Abb. und einer Faltkarte
ISBN: 978-3-525-54365-8
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Auflage 2010
How can you put a date on an idea? How to locate it in time and space without diminishing its... mehr
How can you put a date on an idea? How to locate it in time and space without diminishing its dynamics? How to directly deal with old and foreign cultures without ending up discovering only oneself? This book has as its goal to properly answer these questions based on a study of the well-known and controversial Memphitic Theology on a theoretical-methodological level, a cultural-science level as well as the traditional Egyptology basis.The Memphitic Theology has often been the object of scientific studies, but it has never been thoroughly documented against modern knowledge. The goal of this “intensive description” of this amazing document from Egyptological and theological circles is to fill this gap.New evidence from literary studies concerning, for example, the text-context differential is employed to reach a new and broader vantage point. The well-known and extensive text source from the Cushitic era, the same time period in which the Memphitic Theology arose, the Victory Stele of Pije, is analysed here for the first time in its original context. The rulers, interpretations and representation processes of that era are illustrated for the reader in a very dynamic manner.
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