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Everything is on the Move

The Mamluk Empire as a Node in (Trans-)Regional Networks

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Sprache: Englisch
353 Seiten, mit 19 Abbildungen
ISBN: 978-3-8471-0274-8
V&R unipress, Bonn University Press, 1. Auflage 2014
In this volume, we try to understand the “Mamluk Empire” not as a confined space but as a region... mehr
Everything is on the Move
In this volume, we try to understand the “Mamluk Empire” not as a confined space but as a region where several nodes of different networks existed side-by-side and at the same time. In our opinion, these networks constitute to a great extent the core of the so-called Mamluk society; they form the basis of the social order. Following, in part, concepts refined in the New Area Studies, recent reflections about the phenomenon of the “Empire – State”, trajectories in today’s Global History, and the spatial turn in modern historiography, we intend to identify a number of physical and cognitive networks with one or more nodes in Mamluk-controlled territories. In addition to this, one of the most important analytical questions would be to define the role of these networks in Mamluk society.
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    • Stephan Conermann (Hg.)
    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann lehrt Islamwissenschaft an der Universität Bonn und ist seit 2010 Sprecher der Kollegforschergruppe 1262 »Geschichte und Gesellschaft der Mamlukenzeit«.
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