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Research in Contemporary Religion (RCR)

Research in Contemporary Religion (RCR)

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

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The RCR series provides an international and interdisciplinary contribution to the academic...mehr

The RCR series provides an international and interdisciplinary contribution to the academic discourse on contemporary religion. Particularly, it promotes research on religion from the perspective of phenomenological, empirical and cultural studies. RCR includes studies on religious institutions and traditions in pluralized societies and on the diffusion of religion in the public sphere which also make substantial contributions to the theoretical and methodological development of the field. Whilst encouraging historical approaches to current aspects of religion and religions, RCR focuses primarily on contemporary phenomena. It is open for publications both in English and German.

RCR is edited by:

Prof. Dr. Carla Danani, Professor for Moral Philosophy, Università di Macerata,
Prof. Dr. Judith Gruber, Research Professor at the Research Unit of Systematic Theology and the Study of Religions, KU Leuven,
Prof. Dr. Hans-Günter Heimbrock, Professor emeritus for Practical Theology and Religious Education, Goethe University Frankfurt (Main),
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Knauss, Professor for Constructive Theology, Villanova University,
Prof. Dr. Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati, Professor for Religious Studies and Religious History, LMU Munich,
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Sander, Professor for Dogmatics, Salzburg University,
Prof. Dr. Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen, Professor for Systematic Theology, Aarhus University,
Prof. Dr. Trygve Wyller, Professor emeritus for the study of Christian social practice / Diaconia, University of Oslo.

Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Henrik Reintoft Christensen, Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion, Aarhus University,
Prof. Dr. Siphiwe Dube, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand,
Dr. Andreas Mauz, Basel,
Prof. Dr. Cecilia Nahnfeldt, Professor in Practical theology, Åbo Akademi University,
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Witten, Professor of Protestant Religious Education, LMU Munich.

Research in Contemporary Religion (RCR)