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FrC 22.2 Nikostratos II – Theaitetos

FrC 22.2 Nikostratos II – Theaitetos

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ISBN: 978-3-949189-27-2
Verlag Antike, 1. Auflage 2022
This work is part of the Fragmenta Comica series which aims to provide commentaries and... mehr
FrC 22.2 Nikostratos II – Theaitetos
This work is part of the Fragmenta Comica series which aims to provide commentaries and translations to all the surviving fragments and testimonia of the comic poets of ancient Greece. This volume offers the first scholarly commentary and sustained study of several late fourth-century BCE poets of the so-called New Comedy – among them Philippides of Athens, a writer and dramatist highly esteemed in antiquity, known especially for his acrimonious clashes with Athenian demagogues and his influential friendship with foreign kings. All fragments are subject to close textual, linguistic and stylistic analysis, and are interpreted against the wider literary, social and historical background of the period. This volume will be a valuable reference work for scholars and students of ancient comedy, as well as anyone interested in ancient literature more generally and the broader historical and cultural contexts in which these texts were written.
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    • Andrew Hartwig
    • Dr Andrew Hartwig is an Honorary Associate of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney, Australia. His academic interests include Greek drama, especially comedy, ancient theatre, and the scholars who preserved and studied these works in antiquity. He has published various papers and book chapters on comedy in international journals and conference proceedings.
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