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Influence of Russian Activities

Middle-East Europe, the Visegrad Group Countries and Ukraine

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ISBN: 978-3-8471-1406-2
V&R unipress, 1. Edition 2022, 2023
This volume is the result of the work of scientists from several scientific disciplines who used... mehr
Influence of Russian Activities
This volume is the result of the work of scientists from several scientific disciplines who used various methods and forecasting techniques to answer the question: “What would happen if NATO and the EU weakened in the 21st century and Russia continued to influence the already strongly democratized and free-market societies in the region?” It is prognostic and intended to present the results of research on the political and social perception of the surveyed nations in the face of the weakening of the EU / NATO international security structures and the constant pressure from the Russian Federation in the 21st century.
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    • Marcin Górnikiewicz (Hg.)
    • Prof Dr Marcin Górnikiewicz is author of several monographs, articles, research papers and key speaches dedicated to security issues, especially to forecasting and research methods as well as the information influence methodology both in Euroatlantic and East Asian area.
    • Radosław Bielawski (Hg.)
    • Dr Radosław Bielawski is expert at the National Center of Research and Development in the Smart Growth Operational Programme (SGOP) and author of several scientific monographs, research papers and scientific articles in the field of security. His research interests are air space, outer space, and cybersecurity.