Relational Lives – Historical Subjectivities in Global Perspective

»Relational Lives – Historical Subjectivities in Global Perspective« – das aktuelle Themenheft der Zeitschrift »Geschichte und Gesellschaft« (3/2019) herausgegeben von Nils Riecken und Heike Liebau ist erschienen.


How do people and objects find their places in the world through establishing certain relations to history? The contributions for this special issue focus on the making of such relations as sites of knowledge production. They discuss practices of relating to history as embedded in already existing registers and politics of historical knowledge as well as institutionalized practices of performing history. Bringing together the study of lives of both human subjects and material objects across the areas of Asia, Africa and Europe, the special issue makes a significant contribution to the field of global history generally, and studies of transnational and global lives particularly.


  • Nils Riecken: Introduction: Relational Lives. Historical Subjectivities in Global Perspective.
  • Heike Liebau: Navigating Knowledge, Negotiating Positions. The Kheiri Brothers onNation and Islam.
  • Nils Riecken: Practices of Timing and Critical Subjectivity. Abdallah Laroui’s Meta-fictional Autobiography and the Antinomy of History.
  • Regina Sarreiter: The Trace of Stones. Relational Lives of Stone Tools between South Africa and Europe
  • Samuli Schielke and Mukhtar Saad Shehata: The Writing of Lives. Writers and Their Milieus in Alexandria.
  • Norman Saadi Nikro: Edward Said and AutoBioGraphy
  • Diskussionsforum
    Benedikt Sepp: Die Reformation der Revolution. Die konfessionelle Spaltung als implizites Deutungs- und Handlungsmuster in der Krise der antiautoritären Bewegung/The Reformation of a Revolution. Christian Denominations as an Interpretive Model during the Crisis of the West German Student Movement


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Geschichte und Gesellschaft 2019 Jg. 45, Heft 3, Relational Lives. Historical Subjectivities in Global Perspective
Geschichte und Gesellschaft 2019 Jg. 45, Heft...
  • Nils Riecken  (Hg.),
  • Heike Liebau  (Hg.),
  • Paul Nolte  (Hg.),
  • Martin Schulze Wessel  (Hg.),
  • Rudolf Schlögl  (Hg.),
  • Sven Reichardt  (Hg.),
  • Margrit Pernau  (Hg.),
  • Simone Lässig  (Hg.),
  • Stefan Rinke  (Hg.),
  • Dagmar Herzog  (Hg.),
  • Svenja Goltermann  (Hg.),
  • Christoph Conrad  (Hg.),
  • Jens Beckert  (Hg.),
  • Philip Manow  (Hg.),
  • Maren Möhring  (Hg.),
  • Kiran Klaus Patel  (Hg.),
  • Monique Scheer  (Hg.),
  • Ulrike Freitag  (Hg.)
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