Refo500 Launches Unique Coram Deo Program

Refo500 announces a new initiative: the Coram Deo Program. This program encourages people to personally apply the important values ​​of the Reformation. Refo500 is the only institution in the world that continues to show the relevance of the Reformation after the reformation jubilee in 2017. The program has been made possible by a number of donations.

During the past years Refo500 repeatedly was asked the question, what one can do in his own life with the themes from the time of the Reformation. Accordingly, it became clear that there is an interest in Reformation values and how to apply these today.

Concrete donations made it possible to start a new program in which both values ​​from the time of the Reformation and people of who live today are central. The program is a concrete elaboration of Refo500's earlier decision to continue as an international platform after the reformation jubilee in 2017. Refo500 is also the only organization that will continue to show the relevance of the themes of the Reformation after 2017.

The Latin words Coram Deo stand for the awareness that all life takes place before God's eyes and the responsibility that comes with that fact. The values ​​mentioned are: freedom, responsibility, righteousness, knowledge and change. The program focuses on people who can inspire others, such as managers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, parents, students and teachers. Through various methods, participants of the various activities are encouraged to reflect on their own situation from these values.

For 2019, events are being planned in Bologna, Grand Rapids, Washington, Leuven and Zurich, which are organized in collaboration with other institutions.

Interested institutions can also make use of the Coram Deo Program via receiving consulting and funding.

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